Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~i noticed....

my dad 1967

monday may 30th (memorial day) was a year that my dad has been gone. it's hard to believe he's been gone a year. this weekend on the year anniversary of his death i was reminded of him over and over again.
(thank God, my mom was with family when this day came around)
anyway monday morning we woke at the hotel in denver and was headed out to the car to start our day, when i heard music playing in the hotel parking lot.
first thing you don't usually hear music being played in the parking lot of a hotel
second thing the music wasn't just any music it was my dad's favorite band
i noticed him then with me. looking down on us. his family.

that night we decided to eat at old chicago
when we went in the restaurant i noticed music playing. music i was unfamiliar with.
but when we sat down to open our menu it changed.
i didn't say a word, but I NOTICED.

my mom never said a word either, but SHE NOTICED.
i think we both knew if we said a word about the music choices that changed at the right moments
we would of been in tears. so we noticed quietly in our hearts. we noticed him there.

my mom and i talked about it the NEXT DAY because the next day WE COULD.
the day of we would've only been able to talk through tears. so we stayed silent and noticed.

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