Thursday, July 26, 2012


i read a little poster that cracked me up today. it was about math. if you went to school with me you already know i'm terrible at math. and my sweet daughter was handed down this wonderful trait from me as well. however, my husband and son are so good at math it's sick. they often laugh at brooke and i for not getting it because it's so easy for them. anyway the poster went something like this.....

how i see math word problems:
if you have 4 pencils and i have 7 apples,
how many pancakes will fit on the roof?
Purple, because aliens don't wear hats.

yup, that's pretty much how most my math problems sounded. can you believe the kids go back to school again in a couple weeks. this summer went super fast.

Monday, July 23, 2012

some of the family.

 it amazes me some days how much brooke and her cousin alex look alike.
except for the fact he's about 6'4" and a year older than my daughter.

here is alex by his dad (a.k.a my brother) jeff is looking a little short by him.
and my sweet niece destiny who is almost 21 now. crazy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

i'm back...

just when you think things cannot get any busier, they do!
between cheer camps, baseball games/tournaments, and normal womanly duties,
i've found it hard to get on here and update my blog.
i'm also doing a bible study on a book called Made to Crave!
it is amazing!!
i wanted to at least drop in and give you a few pictures of things we've been up too lately....

brooke at cheer camp.
i ended up going to get brooke early from camp as she wasn't feeling good.
but she did go for a bit and had a good time while she was there.
her next stop is dance camp and i am excited to be able to attend this with her.

#78 in the dug out is my boy.
these boys did amazing this year.
most their games were played in 100 + degree weather.
and wouldn't you know the day baseball ends it drops down to the 80's
oh well i'm just happy we get a break from the heat.
brady on deck
waiting to bat next!

this is their last game this season
(picture was poor and from my iphone)
brady pitched one heck of a game.
he went in to pitch during the 2nd inning
and the other team never had the chance to score again.
so proud of him and his team.
otis has been enjoying brain freezes this summer in the heat.
this dog can eat ice cream fast!

cheer berry!

have you been? it is so much fun. i wish we came across a place like this when the kids were younger. they have all kinds of things to put on your yogurt. i did not get a picture of the fruit bar but it was loaded with kiwi, berries of every kind, cheesecake bites, bananas, etc.

my teenagers were impressed. even if they couldn't fit in the little kid chairs anymore.

different cereals, nuts, and things to put on top of your yogurt if you choose.

then you head to the register to weight and pay.
 i loaded mine with fruit
(the one in the back with little ice cream was for the dog. can't forget him)

cherry berry seating, couches or chairs in every shape or size.
we sat outside on the curb since we had otis in the car.

you should find a location near you and go.
this one happens to be newly open in grand island, NE at the mall.