Monday, October 31, 2011

~happy halloween~

kind of bittersweet that my kids are not dressing up this year.
ya know the teenage years where sometimes they do and sometimes they WON'T!
anywho saw these for kids and love the ideas...

found on

ice cream! with sprinkles!

lobster! however this idea may get heavy from going door to door.

bee! found on

and jelly beans.
not sure where they were found but love this simple idea.
i never would of thought of something so neat and easy.

hope everyone has a safe halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

places and other things....

what a great idea for pumpkins

and found these on pinterest. when you're ready to decorate that Christmas tree.
yes. that's right. i said Christmas tree.
can you believe that is coming up so fast.
i wish my kids toes were this little and cute again.
speaking of fast. there little feet grew fast. too fast.
but for those of you who have little ones. this is cute.

seriously if your bathroom looked like this would you ever leave.
more cute baths here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

~my momma and maine....(my home state.)

my mom is buying a new place in maine with a great view.
i love fall.
i think i've mentioned that a time or two.:)
but fall in maine is even more beautiful. endless trees changing color.

and all the different shades of color.
so pretty.
and my mom taking it all in.
breathing in the fresh air and ocean scent.

how beautiful the waters.
God's art work.
my mom had a friend visit this past week.
she's been getting out more and enjoy life more.
this makes me so happy since my mom has had it hard these
past years. real hard. and i've wanted nothing more for her to wonder out.
breathe the fresh air and take life in for just a moment.
without the rush. without the worries.
to just breathe.
and recreate her. her new journey she's on.
she'll do fabulous!
photo credit to anita a.k.a my mom's friend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what i've been up to as of lately....

  1. getting my athome america business going. (so if you are interesting in booking a party let me know)
  2. still trying to make our new home feel homie. it's getting there. still need to make decisions on what to do with couple rooms. (like office, spare bedroom)
  3. trying to sprain my ankle....last night (just walking) i turned my ankle. and this morning it's feeling weird.
  4. still trying to get kids adjusted to the new school. they are doing pretty well. brooke better than brady but i've encouraged brady to get some numbers of his friends at school so we can meet them at the rec center gym to shoot hoops. he's my quite child. (well when he's away from home) and he's missing his old friends.
  5. making plans in my head about the holidays...can you believe how close they are?
  6. trying to stay focused on happiness. be more outgoing. read my bible more. spending more time with people and things that matter. with the move i've kind of got out of a schedule. haven't signed up for a bible study yet, nor been to the gym, or even a walk around my new neighborhood.
  7. housework, laundry, laundry, laundry and more laundry. (brooke's had some sort of rash so i've been washing her bedding weekly and clothes, trying new detergents as the doctor says it's a allergy to something??? but what?
  8. waiting for the snow they said we should have already!
  9. being overwhelmed, and feeling sorry for myself.
  10. pinning on pinterest.
  11. drinking coffee like it's my new best friend.
i'm sure that is not all i've been up too, but you get the idea.
let just say i'm still trying to adjust.

i did find a good use for my magazine rack i rec'd for free from hosting my party

it is great in my kitchen for my cookbooks i use the most!
my kitchen walls are still white.
which my hubby likes, but i'm feeling like i want color.
on every wall!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

if everything smelt and taste like pumpkin.....i wouldn't mind.

recipe and photo credit found here.

photo and credit found here.

   below found here.
 found here.

fall recipes and goodness
i think that's why i love fall the most
an excuse to eat pumpkin every meal.

Monday, October 17, 2011

~almost done.....

brooke's last two games are this week. and i'm kind of feeling it will be bittersweet.
i love watching her play but yet it takes up so much time.
practice every night until 6 then games 3 times a week.
it's hard to keep up with everything when running to and from all the time.

she did pretty good her first year playing with the panthers.
she did not play as much as she or i'd liked but for a new school
and being a freshmen she did very well.
last week we were pretty happy that she was able to start during that game.
not much bench time.

two more games this week and then we are done.

Friday, October 14, 2011

~last weekend~ (brady. me. and his room.)

it could be his closet is so small so we just left the box of clothes by it??
this is one reason brady received "the big room" upstairs.
it has very little closet space.
brooke needs a big closet because she's like most girls lots of clothes and shoes
anyway brady and i picked out a color to color his room and tackled it last weekend.
it's starting to look more like a 12-1/2 year old boys room

we have a few more things to do but you get the idea.
he wants it sporty lookin'

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~i've stole a couple of things~

before you start to judge me
(and i know the post title sounds really bad)
i have stole a few "ideas" from pinterest.
how addicting is pinterest???
pretty addicting. my husbands jealous addicting.
recently we had a good friend turn 60 years old and
chuck took him this for his office desk.
yup, i stole the idea from pinterest.
here is a picture of what we did in less than 3 minutes!

i admit mine does not look as nice as the one on pinterest
but as always i was short on time.

also found this idea on pinterest and it was supper easy.
took a little longer than 3 minutes maybe 20 but it was fun and easy.
and i have received so many compliments from people one it.
you just put your address on the pumpkins for your entryway decor.

recently i had a party
and i cleaned out one huge pumpkin
filled it with ice and put my favorited drinks in it.
for a pumpkin cooler.
lots of talk about it too.
here is picture from pinterest where i again stole the idea.

i love it.
 and thank pinterest for making me be more creative
and allowing me to get new ideas.
sometimes my mind is blank.

Monday, October 10, 2011

~otis as of lately~

as you'll be able to see, otis is a big baby that sleeps A.LOT.
he plays hard though when awake.
he is 9 months old now
(which in human years means he is almost a teenager. yikes!)

sometimes we just fall asleep with the leash one!

he has gotten to be a real snuggle bug with my son.
drives with my when we drop the kids off at school and cries a little each time.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


tessa and brooke

 what would we do without girlfriends?

when you're 14(her age) or 34 (my age)
they are something special!

they lift us up somedays
and other days let us fall down only to make us stronger.

but will fight with us our every battle.

reminds me of the words to a song.

"God gave me you for the ups and downs"

thank you God for girlfriends!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


can you believe at my old job no one wanted this jar that says "hershey's" all over it.
they were cleaning an office out and left some things for give away on the table in front of me
and it didn't take long for me to walk over and grab it.
it seems to fit in our home now considering the kids are going to school in hershey.
plus it gives me an excuse to have chocolate in the house.
and being a female with issues...i need me some chocolate.

however it is expensive to fill the thing. i believe $18.96 to be exact
since when did kisses start to cost so much?

and since we are on the topic of chocolate, i thought this below should be said....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

~play it as it lies~

well it's oct. (can you believe it?) i am loving the cooler weather though!
i've been so busy with the move, the new job, kids, and starting ATHOME business that
i've neglected this blog a little. it happens.
with the cooler weather it should also bring less of these......

which would not hurt my feelings one bit if they crawled in their little hole in the ground and never returned.
however God created these little creatures as well so they are here with us.
sometimes closer then we'd like.
i saw this on fb and had to share it.
our friend tom coviello from here in north platte posted this yesterday.
under the post he wrote:

"play it as it lies"

i think when golfing this rule is good, except for some conditions!
this condition would be #1 on top of my list for not playing the ball where it lies!
are you with me???