Thursday, April 26, 2012

office space..

5 hours a day you'll find me my station!

it's a peaceful place.
for years i worked in a office that had tons of people in it.
it was hard to stay focused.
you could hear the other gals/guys next to you all day long talking on their phones.
today i work here.
were there is only the president/owner of the company
and another girl.
it's quiet and it's easier to get your work done without distractions.
it's my quiet place.

check out this link to the kids school teachers rapping the school song. their are a bunch of schools doing this and being voted on. hopefully hershey wins. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

90 degrees

i'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact it's still
maybe that's because it was almost 100 degrees out. 
96 to be exact.
so of course after school the kids screamed for ice cream.

above is them looking at all the possibilities.

too many choices, i'd say!

 finally they decided and time to place their order.

then the wait.



yum....snow cones.
i was thinking they'd go for the ice cream.
but they went for the flavored ice..
after we headed to cody park to walk around
feed the animals, and enjoy the hot weather.

Friday, April 20, 2012

bathroom ideas

been looking around for something to go in the master bath for towel storage.
if your bathroom is like ours there is very little room to store towels.
our towel closet is up stairs by the kids bath too.
so everytime we need a towel we need to run stairs (which isn't all bad)

while seaching i come across this lovely idea.
what a great way to display some towels in your bath if you too need the extra space.

love it. may be doing it this weekend.
found photo and idea here...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

happy to be in track??

i'm not sure, but i'm guessing brady is happy to be in track this year.

you be the judge!

he's the smiley, tall, dark headed, boy waiting for the hand off.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~this girl....

made cheerleading last night.
she tried out with 14 other girls
8 were picked.
1 of them being her.

so proud Brooke Renée

Sunday, April 15, 2012

~for cook books or ipads~

these days i've been getting most my recipes online.
so it's good to know my cook book holder also holds my ipad just fine.
that way it's off the counter top so i do not spill stuff on it.

i have to admit that i am the messiest cook around.

and the last thing i want to do is ruin my ipad.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

i want.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

i want a pair of these for my wall. i can't ski well so i think this look would be more for me. i first saw some in the eddie bauer holiday 2011 catalog, but when i went to the website they were sold out or did not carry anymore. so i pinned this picture that i found while googling.

i like them. surely my kids would hand their coats and bags on it if i place it by the front door, right??

his sleeping positions~

he has many more but these are a few of his favorite.
sometimes i catch him sleeping with his head hanging off the couch.
but he usually wakes up before i can take a picture.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~egg coloring

i know from this first picture it looks like they were forced into coloring eggs.
but they actually are the ones who asked.
i think they were patiently waiting for their eggs to soak and that's why the bored look.

that's better.

it works so much better to just use your hands,
even if you fingers are purple, orange, green for weeks.

more excitement from brady...

overall it was a very good easter!

church, egg coloring, great lunch, lots of relaxing!
hopefully yours was good too.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

~getting some sun...

even though it's windy and the wind has a bit of a chill to it,
we've had our back door open for most the day.
it's good letting the sun shine in and feeling the warmth on your face.
not to mention the fresh air.
otis is such a fan of laying here in the sun on days like these.
he also loves laying on the deck when it's good and hot.
me too.

**on another note.....

Doesn't this look delicious?? Baked Lime Pudding Cake. (recipe and photo credit here.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

last saturday morning....

usually i really enjoy saturdays

...get to sleep in a bit. school to run kids too. work 
(well except house work, but I feel that don't count unless someone is paying me:))
...can relax or even nap

this saturday was a little different starting at about 2:00a.m.
the dog was sick so had to let him in and out at strange hours of the night.
didn't get back to sleep after so was up most the night.

then we ran to town and when we came home i pushed the button to close the garage....
got to about the kitchen when i thought i heard the garage door close LOUDER then normal.
so i open the door to the garage to look and see this.....

was thinking of the verse "rejoice in the Lord always"
(which means even when your garage door falls down)
luckily we had shelves here.....

or hubby's truck would have had damage as well.
as if i couldn't get enough, i decided to head outside for a front view of the situation..
which looked like this....

 turns out the gentleman who put the garage in did not do a good job. he put nails in to hold it up.
eventually from the force of the up and down (about 5 times a day) it pulled the nails loose!

yeah us!!!

we did finally get a new door put in yesterday
you can tell a big difference
this one is put in much better.
minus the windows i loved on the broke down garage,
but i can do without the windows as long as it stays up.

the new.