Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Will this help my schedule??

I bought this today hoping that I can get some sort of schedule going to make live a little easier these days. Between work, paper routes, volleyball, basketball, soccer, parent teacher conferences, band concerts, dance recitals, music programs, orthodontist appointments, bible study, so that(women's ministry), voyagers(Brady's youth group), green(Brooke's youth group), and knowing when Chuck will be out of town. I find myself lost in the mess. I need organization fast!

I found it here, for all of you that are with me on this. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Beautiful People

Well it's a Friday night and had a stressful and busy week so Chuck and I decided to go out for dinner tonight at our favorite Chinese restaurant here in town. Brooke was going to the movies with her friends and Brady would be staying over at his friends all night. So we had a few hours to ourselves alone, and decided it would be great to go to a restaurant without the kids. Anyway Chuck and I are sitting at our table waiting and waiting to be waited on as they are short help and very busy. A guy for the next table says to us........."sorry to interrupt, but is there another store in your town besides Pamida?"

We say: "yes there is a Alco just down the street"

He says: "Can you recommend a good hotel to stay at"

My husband says: "Not in town, but there is nice ones out by the interstate."

He says: "Thank you and sorry again to interrupt"

We say: " Oh that's ok your not interruping us"

He then turns back to his table to finish his dinner with his wife. Chuck and I continue to talk to each other again at our table. Chuck realizes these people from out of town are getting ready to leave and says:

"Where you guys from?"

"Where you headed?"

The gentleman was from a small town near Grand Island, Nebraska and his wife had never been out this way. They were headed to visit his mother for her birthday. So we wished them luck on their trip and said goodbye as they walked up to pay.

We finally rec'd our meal at our table and started to eat while they were at the cash register settling their bill. We hear one last word from them as they headed out the door......

"You two have a nice night" They said to Chuck and I

We said: "and you guys too."

Later the waitress came to refill our drinks and said "your meal was taken care of by the gentleman and his wife......"

Chuck and I was shocked!!!

You mean there is still good in the world?

It's amazing when you're having stress in life with layoffs and lots happening in the world and then someone you don't even know takes your 50.00 bill and pays for it without even a second thought. We are so grateful for coming across these two individuals tonight. And not because they bought our meal but because they did something that was so caring for someone who they just met and didn't want noticed for it. It's scary everything going on right now and a night like tonight makes us think we can all help each other out and make a difference in taking care of others. Chuck and I also were thinking how great it would be for us to help someone else out in the same way. In these next couple months maybe years we never know what will happen with our jobs, foreclosures, bills, and the economy, but we hope in this time we can help each other through it.

Thank you couple for Washington. You made a impact on our lives tonight.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shirley Temple

Brooke had her 50's- 60's month at school and she had to be Shirley Temple. Which is a pretty easy one if you can just get those curls. Although Brooke didn't lighten her hair for the program she did work the curls and had of course a Lollipop.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Spent the Sunday afternoon sledding. I realized how out of shape I am by climbing the hills over and over again. But it was a good time. We made some snow angels and had some snowball fights as well.

Friday, February 13, 2009

She Cracks Me UP

This woman cracks me up! Check her blog out sometime Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Below is her post from today and I would say it would be grounds for divorce. :) Please read her post below...........

Grounds for DivorceFeb. 13, 2009
Say you live in the country. Say you live in the country and for the past twelve-odd years you’ve developed a heightened sense of alert—a beneficial heightened sense of alert—when walking around the house at night because you never know when a wayward snake has made its way into your house. Say you never walk in the yard at night without a flashlight. Say snakes are always a distinct possibility and in fact, a nice lady on a neighboring ranch recently lost her toe after being bitten by a baby rattler while climbing into her bed one night.
Say all of that.
Then say your husband takes your children to the zoo in the big city one day, evidently finds this item at the zoo gift shop, and places it on the floor next to your bed on a Thursday night in February:

And say you don’t notice it as you’re about to crawl into bed, because all you can think about is getting into the warm bed with your equally warm husband. Then, say your husband—who purportedly loves and cares about your psychological well-being—says, gently, “Hey, honey…did my pillow fall down there?” And you look, immediately see the snake, scream bloody murder, and convulse and dive over to the other side of the bed. And as you try to calm yourself down after realizing the snake isn’t real, implementing breathing techniques and talking yourself down from a wicked episode of tachycardia, your husband—again, who purportedly loves and cares about your psychological well-being—can’t even see through the tears of laughter in his eyes. Say, in fact, that you don’t remember your husband ever laughing quite that uncontrollably.
And say, when the kids get up at 6:14 Friday morning, your husband is still so elated over his successful prank that he spends over twenty minutes re-enacting the whole scene for them. Twice. And say your children, at 6:55, are still laughing and saying, “Tell us again, Daddy! Tell us again!”
Who gets to continue living here? Me? Or them?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh Yeah! He loves it.....

Brady received his "suprise" in the mail last week and has worn it every night. Very soft and fuzy robe to keep my little boy warm.

Daddy's Back

After a week trip to St. Louis for some schooling, Chuck made it back this afternoon to relax a day with his family.
And wrestle a bit with the kids. So went from having only 2 kids home to 2 kids and one big kid. If you know what I mean. :) Oh well they enjoy wrestling around for hours until mom says enough.