Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 my firstborn turned 15 this week.
i feel old, tired, cranky, and worn out now.
did i mention to you that i have a few grey hairs 5 to be exact.
a little sad too that she is growing up so fast.
i mean she's going to be a sophomore

 she's a laker fan.
not sure why, how, or when
but she freaks at the sight of this guy!
we took her to nuggets vs laker game in denver,
and she was the only one in our section cheering for the wrong team.
that's my baby girl. always wanting to be the different one.
her day played out like this....

hot tub with some girlfriends.

slushes in the hotel bed.

mask for the faces. also nail painting
lots of laughing as they tried to smile but had stiff faces from the facial mask.

girls this age go crazy for limos.

pictures in the park
sundresses & sandels

happy 15th birthday
Brooke Renée!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

~not your normal grilled cheese..

photo credit and recipe here

made these last night and they are to die for..
if you like french onion soup, these taste just as good.
my hubby was even a big fan.
but we both love french onion soup, of course.

i'm sure you'll fall too....

~school's out.....

it's summer for the kids. bittersweet!
so i spent most of the weekend preparing for this.
in the kitchen, anyway.
juice boxes(an easy grab), mac n cheese, brownie mixes.
lunch meat, grapes and many other things...
let's see how long it last.
i've already been through the speech with them about
portion control (which is they eat breakfast, one snack, lunch, and dinner)
other wise if I don't then they eat 14 snacks before lunch.
and 62 juice boxes. that's right i have a growing boy who is 13 and almost 6 feet tall,
size 13 shoe size and hates to shop but loves sports and our new church.
so i explain a few juice boxes is plenty and they can have all the water they want!
brooke will be a sophomore!! i can't believe this!
it's just flying by and i realize she will be graduating soon.
she will do cheer camps all summer since she, like i mentioned here,

so this summer we will be hitting the baseball fields. attending church, cheer, volleyball, and basketball camps. and sitting back and enjoying the summer weather.
i will be working mostly. (long sigh)

Friday, May 18, 2012

in the kitchen.

i am such a mess when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. i try not to make a mess but can't help myself. that's why i was extra happy to find this idea! what a great way to re-use a ketchup bottle and hopefully save me from making a mess!!!  photo and idea credit here.

like chocolate filled too. i'm trying these with the kids very soon! pinned this on pinterest!!

~dad & daughter dance~

she went to have her hair done, and he bought her a corsage!
after taking a few pictures inside he says..
"hold on"
he then walks out of our house and rings the door bell.
i laugh.
 she says..
 "what a dork"
i go and answer the door for her....
and there he stands, with a big smile...
he says....
"hi, i'm here to pick up my daughter!!"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

~two happy birds...

it wasn't long ago and we were here.
just starting to fence in the back yard.
now we have a few other useful reasons for the fence.

two happy birds...

 one on one corner of the yard

and here on the other corner.

happy early mother's day birdies....
from us to you.

p.s. to the birds..... we don't have a problem with you being here just don't poop all over the place.

also when we take out the trash ( which is close to your babies) don't attack us. thanks.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

i've painted a bit...


somedays i liked the white...miss it a little.
white makes the home look larger, cleaner to me.

but oh how i love color too....
so i decided to paint.
almost the whole downstairs is painted now. 
except the office and our bedroom/master bath.
but give it time and i'm sure i'll fine a shade or two for those rooms too.


 not so white anymore...bittersweet!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

towel storage!

we did (finally) get around to putting up more towel storage in the master bath. yeah!
we went with the double bar on the back of the bathroom door.

this idea help us a bit. and cheap!
now if i can just keep up with all the laundry to have towels available!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


we've had a decent amount of rain already this spring.
it's turning everything green and things are starting to grow!
i love when our grass is pretty green without us having to water.
for the rain you have provided.