Monday, February 4, 2013

new things to come...

Athome has changed owners. I just wanted to share the link to you if you have been fans of us in the past. The link is changed and some new product is coming. Furniture, coffee, teas etc. I'm excited to see what the future holds. Please share the link with people you know loved athome or people you know love home decor....a few old items are still available. The flash sales change often so make sure you visit every so often to see the new items. The bundle deals are sweet. (more for your money) These change from time to time to.

AtHome USA or

Hope to see you there.

superbowl blues...

We were unsure of who to cheer for this time in the superbowl.
Maybe because we could not except that the broncos were not there.
We did watch the superbowl however and it was a pretty good game.
I just found it funny that brady was dressed like this(bronco gear)
as if maybe he heard wrong and the broncos would actually be there.:)
oh well...we had a good night anyway.
but what's with the superbowl commercials anymore?
only one or two i enjoyed.
they just don't make them like they use too.