Wednesday, February 29, 2012


apparently otis (a.k.a. the dog) needed a tissue last night
this is why his nickname is naughty

Monday, February 27, 2012

Have I taken offense??

In Church, the past couple of weeks we've been learning about unity. Our pastor pointed out how in our church family there are people who dislike or don't care to be around certain people. Although sad I find this to be so very true. I myself am assamed to admit, i'm guilty. I realized this is because others have offended me at some point and its easier to just not be around certain people who offend me! I am wondering how many I've offended within my church family. We are at a new church now but it made me think back to my previous church family..... i was and am wrong to hold on to this offense..

we were given several questions to ask yourself, and if you said yes to more than a few of these then you are quilty as well. i'm admitting i said yes to all of them. i'd like to be free from this as i'm sure you would too.

Have I Taken Offense?
  1. Do I get frustrated when I think about any person?
  2. Is there anyone I don't want to interact with currently?
  3. Have I spoken about someone in a negative light recently?
  5. Do I try to get others to be "on my side"?
  6. Do I typically overlook the faults of others?
  7. Am I quick to forgive?
can you guess which on hit me the hardest??
Trying to work on #6 and # 7  to realize others are just like me.
they mess up often, they hurt people (even if not on purpose)
and i needed to be quicker to forgive not only others around me but forgive myself
for not being perfect as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new kids on the block.

was happy this am to see new people moving in across the street! we just moved in our home in July and this now means we are not the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! 
i hate being the new kid even at age 34
it scares me.
new people scare me. i lock up don't know what to say or do around them.
i wish i could change this about me but it's me.
my son was lucky enough to get this handed down to him.
he is shy around new people and he and i understand this frustration completely.

so i feel a little more comfortable knowing we are not the new kids on the block anymore.
a little.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sharing love on Valentine's Day....

from my sweetheart.

sold a bunch of balloons that the proceeds went to rape and domestic abuse victims.

what a WOW! reminder on Valentines Day
that not only is it good to receive love, but to GIVE love!
this video is a verse i think everyone knows
but what a great reminder of what love really is.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

~love saturdays

Saturdays are great, even if I'm playing catch up on housework.
The rest the week it feels like I fall behind on EVERYTHING at home.
Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, BATHROOMS. It's insane how the things pile up.
So today since we do not have any sports to play watch
this is my game plan to clean this house from top to bottom.

With a little help from my friends at Starbucks:

and look love is in the air....
They are all ready for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


this morning as i was taking the kids to school
i could not help but notice how beautiful the trees are.
i love trees during fall and i love them iced over in the winter.

i think we may finally be getting a touch of winter here!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

denver trip from my iphone.

from our hotel room
notice on the top the building beside ours there was a hot tub on corner  of roof.
i was wishing for one on our roof top since we were caught in blizzard the whole trip.

we took a whole day and walked the 16th street mall
in a blizzard. it was sweet. very few people out.

16th street mall

did lunch at the hard rock cafe

hotel was neat

from our hotel room
14th floor

brady at the breakfast table

had to stop at beau jo's
this pizza they made was 14lbs
two guys tried to eat it and failed.

we settled for the 2 lb pizzas

brady drafted with denver
of course it helped that he had four arms
we saw lakers vs denver

stopped here.
made it home to pick up baby!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

share the magic...

if you are like me you hate cleaning the bathroom.
it just seems like nothing gets rid of  soap scum
but then i came across the product above and i'm in love!
it's so easy to brew up and clean up with this stuff
try it.
 i believe you will love it too.
i took a picture of my sparkling tub after i clean it.
you hardly have to scrub with this stuff too.
click on the link under my photo or i will give the ingredients below:

12 ounces white vinegar
12 ounces liquid, blue dawn detergent

  • Heat vinegar in microwave until hot and pour into squirt bottle.
  • add the dawn soap. put the lid on and gently shake to incorporate.
  • you now have a powerful cleaning product.

sometimes it's just that easy...

we are headed out of town this weekend for a little fun. i mentioned to the kids that we will be staying in a hotel and part of the weekend just hanging out there. they responded by asking if we could bring monopoly.....
  1. do they know how long it takes to play this game??
  2. do they know how i cannot sit and be focused that long??

so i said YES!

these pictures are from this past Thanksgiving weekend at my brother Jeff's house.
my nephew alex, brooke, and brady always seem to play a couple games of monopoly throughout the weekend.  i remember as a kid being able to sit and play a game that long but these days it drives me nuts.

however this weekend, for the kids, i will sit down with them to play.
no laundry, no schedule, no worries.
(does it really last that long??)

we have a surprise on our trip for the kids as well.
brooke and brady have no idea what we are doing.
pictures when we return.

this weekend, i hope you have some time to sit and play with your kids too.