Friday, July 30, 2010

will be attending our first wedding of the summer this weekend.

this weekend we are headed out again to Chadron, Nebraska to attend a wedding for a friend who is in chuck's unit. we plan on going up there and back in one day, so we will see how that goes. also planning on getting extra good sleep this weekend as they just delivered our new king size mattresses to rest's amazing how excited you can get over the simple things(but expensive things). but what a difference they make on how you sleep at night. and we all know how important sleep is.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

crazy fan baby beanies....CUTE.

how cute are these??
wish i could think of someone having a little baby boy.
found these here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

kids suite...who knew??

looks like he has done this before...
our hotel at holiday inn express
we booked a kids suite(didn't even now existed)
it had bunk beds in a separate room

with tv and desk and kid things
bean bags to sit in to watch tv

even found a sword under the bed
that the kids fought over...
it was great...
and wouldn't be complete without a slide pool side.
yes i tried it too. my entrance wasn't as graceful as the kids.

noodles & company...a first for us...

we weren't really sure what this place was but stopped in for supper
we thought it was great.
i described it as being a fast food type olive garden

brooke & jasmine at cabela's in Sidney.

at this is what too much shopping does to the guys.
looks like trouble, huh??

brooke calls me from volleyball camp this a.m....

"mom, i met a friend"

(this didn't surprise me)

my daughter is just like her father. where ever the girl goes...give her 5 minutes and she has a new best friend. (not just one but many)

she is a social animal

she is almost always with a friend or talking to one over the phone. it's amazing.

sometimes quite annoying actually but it's something i love about her as well.
example: we ate a PF Changs in loveland this weekend and her friend jasmine was with us.
Anyway the waiter said his name was patrick at the beginning of the meal
so after we eat and get ready to leave brooke calls out to him
"see ya later patrick" (like they'd been friends forever)
he got a kick out of her.
today was the first day of volleyball camp and she called after minutes of being there wanting to know if she could go to lunch with a friend she just met.
"will you take us to taco johns mom please. i want you to meet her"
sorry for the picture overload but below are pictures of brooke with a few of
her "besties" as she would say:

i have a cute photo of her and jasmine over the weekend i'll have to get on the computer to share later....

Friday, July 23, 2010

adenoids are gone...

brooke's surgery went rather well yesterday...although tired, we can now breath out our nose.
which makes for better sleeping and less grouchiness.
she was such a trooper through it all.
now headed to loveland for the weekend.

p.s. I'd also like to mention I survived another VBS this summer. last night was our last night and after working all day and going to do VBS until 9 at night i can say i am exhausted.
but the first night teaching 2nd and 3rd graders i had 22 kids and every night after that we had over 30 kids for that age group. it was so good.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh... and the gifts for the weddings....

since we have a few weddings this summer..we decided to get everyone the same gift
i fell in love with these from etsy website
i don't believe any of them read my blog, so should be safe to post.

and this one even has our last name
but the date is off a bit.

almost goofed and made my weekend longer...not my fault though.

we are headed out this coming weekend to colorado to school clothes shop for kids
yes it is a little early for us but since we have a wedding every weekend, to
attend this year we are finding we will run out of time.
seriously we have a wedding:
July 31st (chuck's friend from guards)
August 7th (another friend in guards with chuck)
August 14th (boss's daughter's wedding)
August 21st (a friend of mine)
August 28th (couple from church)
Sept. 11th (my hairstylist)
anywho so i'm looking at my calendar putting in the dates to reserve a hotel room for this weekend.... and I enter the 23rd (friday) and we will be checking out on 27th (Sunday) then I hit continue.... but something seemed odd. the 23rd to the 27th seemed long for just the average weekend doesn't it....ummm! So then i look again because i must of messed something up when looking at the dates. NO it's the 23rd returning on the 27th. (my calendar even says so) Wait a minute.....where's the 25th? and why is 27 on my calendar twice.

no wonder i get my schedule confused. it's because the calendar is giving me the wrong dates.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sun tea container...

i love sun tea in the summer but we keep running into container problems.
we were buying the cheaper ones you find at wal-mart or the grocery stores that leak
around the spout and causes messes in the frig and makes me unhappy.
so i bought a new one last week and i broke it already.
so looking to spend a little money on one that might not leak and might not break
found this one pictured at pottery barn that is more money but looks like it will last without the leaks.
cute looking mugs too. found same place/same time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

monday and back at work after 9 days off...but had to share what was here at our lake over vacation....

it's a bird, it's a plane? NO! it's a whatchamacallit???
amphicar??is that the term...too cool.
i think we are trading the jet ski in for one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

firestone's 40th anniversary golf tournament

this was a big celebration and look who the winners of the whole tournament were??
that's right the hubby and his team won first place.
(hubby is the taller one in case you don't know)
friends of ours own the tire place here in town and they celebrated big
40 years!

p.s. kids just dig my husband.

Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 4th of july weekend....

a friend of mine named keri took this picture while on her boat relaxing.. of the lake here and i thought it fit the weekend ahead of us. although really hot here these days, our family tries to stay away from the lake during this time as the Coloradans usually overtake the place.
so since we can really go any other time we let them take up the beach space over the holidays.
{isn't that nice of us}
we are headed tonight to colorado since they will all be coming here:)
we plan on go karts and waterparks and doing the zoo.
then back on the forth for church family coming to our place for BBQ and let off and watch fireworks.
Happy 4th all!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

the outside

planning on lots of outside-ness this weekend over the forth. BBQs, family, friends, fireworks, mosquitoes, bug spray.....the good and the bad of fresh air and fun.