Monday, July 19, 2010

almost goofed and made my weekend longer...not my fault though.

we are headed out this coming weekend to colorado to school clothes shop for kids
yes it is a little early for us but since we have a wedding every weekend, to
attend this year we are finding we will run out of time.
seriously we have a wedding:
July 31st (chuck's friend from guards)
August 7th (another friend in guards with chuck)
August 14th (boss's daughter's wedding)
August 21st (a friend of mine)
August 28th (couple from church)
Sept. 11th (my hairstylist)
anywho so i'm looking at my calendar putting in the dates to reserve a hotel room for this weekend.... and I enter the 23rd (friday) and we will be checking out on 27th (Sunday) then I hit continue.... but something seemed odd. the 23rd to the 27th seemed long for just the average weekend doesn't it....ummm! So then i look again because i must of messed something up when looking at the dates. NO it's the 23rd returning on the 27th. (my calendar even says so) Wait a minute.....where's the 25th? and why is 27 on my calendar twice.

no wonder i get my schedule confused. it's because the calendar is giving me the wrong dates.

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