Monday, July 26, 2010

brooke calls me from volleyball camp this a.m....

"mom, i met a friend"

(this didn't surprise me)

my daughter is just like her father. where ever the girl goes...give her 5 minutes and she has a new best friend. (not just one but many)

she is a social animal

she is almost always with a friend or talking to one over the phone. it's amazing.

sometimes quite annoying actually but it's something i love about her as well.
example: we ate a PF Changs in loveland this weekend and her friend jasmine was with us.
Anyway the waiter said his name was patrick at the beginning of the meal
so after we eat and get ready to leave brooke calls out to him
"see ya later patrick" (like they'd been friends forever)
he got a kick out of her.
today was the first day of volleyball camp and she called after minutes of being there wanting to know if she could go to lunch with a friend she just met.
"will you take us to taco johns mom please. i want you to meet her"
sorry for the picture overload but below are pictures of brooke with a few of
her "besties" as she would say:

i have a cute photo of her and jasmine over the weekend i'll have to get on the computer to share later....

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