Saturday, February 27, 2010

typical Saturday night...

we usually have a few extra kids on the weekends sometimes even weekdays. but they always seem to find ways to entertain themselves/each other. i believe Brady's dinosaur was eating Brooke's friends cell phone (this would be a good thing. sometimes these preteen cell phones never stop ringing, vibrating, or making some sort of noise) the other friend was bored, and well Brady he was just trying to fit in with big sister and her friends. sometimes he is given invitation to join in and other times he's looking for one but no such luck. big sisters can be cruel. and they even decided to get two of brady's dinosaurs to go head to head in a fight.

I hear the following while making supper in the kitchen....

brooke says: you're an ugly monster. you don't even look like a dinosaur, you look more like a rat.

brooke's friend says: (as her dinosaur is turned away from the other dinosaur) why don't you say it to my face and not my tail!

here is picture of the dinosaurs facing off...and of the kids on a typical saturday night.

i think brady wasn't invited this time or he didn't care to be
and it wouldn't be a "typical saturday night" without homemade pizza for all to enjoy
we also had a few peanut butter oreos in milk...but shhh, don't tell.

a saturday night with the Roberts.

shred your own?

you get a better quality cheese and pay less!

to save some money at the grocery store these days i've been cutting the cheese....

a bag of shredded cheese is anywhere from 4 to 5 dollars compared to 2 dollars for a block. i know less convenient, right?? but anything to save a buck. i have a cheap grater but since i'm shredding more and more cheese i believe i'm going to brake down and buy a decent cheese grater from pampered chef the next time i attend a party....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WHITE...not gray, but WHITE....

I just pulled this out of my head. It's white people!! Not only was I surprise to have a gray hair at my age, but looking at it closer I realized it is white!! So white that it is hidden when put on a white sheet of paper but when put in my head of hair (which is dark brown) it is not so much hidden at all.....Actually so not hidden that a friend pointed it out to me and we pulled it together. Friends, what would we do without them? I love them also when they point out that I have a zit appearing on my face! seriously though what would we do without them?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow, snow, snow!

Brady waiting for the ball.

What it has been doing the past three days.
Brady was suppose to have a tournament in Brady, Nebraska today but it was cancelled due to the amount of snow and ice on the roads. So we've had a lazy weekend inside. Made chili in crock pot and just hanging out watching Olympics, with a few naps in between on the couch :) We've had snow falling since Friday morning and it is still falling lightly today. Work tomorrow even when you have nothing to do on the weekends they fly. Stay in, stay warm!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello, Cupcake!

Now that's what I call a cupcake!!!

Some more cupcakes....all dolled up!

I'm in love!
I wonder how many laps on the treadmill to work off one of these??

more goodies here...check them out

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow that sticks

Well we finally have snow on the ground. We had few snow storms this year but mostly just a lite snow that never sticks. Be today the kids had no school and snow that sticks.

My daughter ask: "mom can my friend come over so we can jump on the trampoline?"

Me: "I don't care but might be cold"

My daughter: " I know but it will be fun"

She is soooo right...I remember as a kid I would do the same thing. I would go to my friends house and we would get our swimsuits on and run out to jump on the trampoline in the snow then run to her deck and jump in the hot tub. Boy was it fun and oh how we giggled. The older I get the more outrageous this sounds as I can't take the cold as I did when I was my kids age.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Who knew you could make homemade toner and moisturizer so easy...
Toner ingredients:
fresh mint
sparkling water
vodka...yes vodka (who knew a splash of vodka on your face does some good)
**First you blend cucumber and mint together and then add sparkling water and vodka. Dip cotton ball in mixture and wipe on your face. (I know, Huh??)
Moisturizer ingredients:
sour cream
**Cook carrots 5 to 7 minutes mix with sour cream and yogurt and blend. Rub light layer on your face and then apply your make-up over to protect from dryness.
To get the amounts or measurements of vodka (for example) to put in....mixture not your will have to get the book above to find out. Since I don't have the measurements.
Who knew, you could make this stuff at home when most of us are spending so much money to buy this already made??

Monday, February 15, 2010


So cute they were...are even today

Do you ever look back at old photo's and wonder why?? Or maybe thought "what was I thinking??" I have a few moments like these. Let's take the family photo for starters...why the hair style on me?? And why did we all dress in our best...or maybe not! Notice Brooke (my daughter) who looks like a tomboy in the photo because her mom failed to make her dress up because somedays it's just easier to not argue with the fits a two year old throws when she wants to dress like a tomboy but she's really a girly girl. And the next photo when she was dressed like a girly girl, but her face shows she wishes she weren't. (isn't she cute??even with the odd look on her face) The good news is today she puts on dresses and actually likes it. And as for Chuck and Brady, well they are just easy.....easy to please, easy to take instructions, easy hair, easy style, easy expressions, just easy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day was good. Good food, good drinks, good company, good laughs!

Brady took valentine's day cards to exchange at school & as I sent him off to school with them, I began to realized that next year he will be in middle school and not be able to enjoy the joys of elementary school anymore...No show & tell, field days, holiday parties with treats, pictures that he colored to hang on the frig....but I am excited for him to journey on to big boy things....the things he has sat out patiently watching, waiting, and dreaming to play. Sports. School sports.

To join a team
With his elementary hands on the football making the hand off to the QB
I think he's ready for the exchange!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Christian Athletes..a few good men!

They are a part of the Team FCA
Competitors for Christ
Roy Helu Jr. # 10

Matt May # 36

Rex Burkhead # 22

Eric Haag # 28

Marcel Jones # 78
Height: 6-7 310 lbs (shy but sweet)

Friday night we attended the boys high school basketball game and afterwards 5 Nebraska husker football players talked in the gym to us and our kids about having a relationship with God! Brady (knowing this was going to take place) brought his football to get autographs.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Restaurant Style Salsa+Super Bowl Sunday=good times

Thought this salsa recipe looked nice and easy...So try it if you please, found the picture and recipe HERE.

Also found this picture and thought it was too cute not to share. Let's go Colts!
Even the dogs are excited!

And she danced....

Brooke attended her first real "dress up in your best dress" dance the beginning of this year. She went to her friend's house with a few friends to get all dolled up and ready for the night out. It was actually call the Snow ball dance....I can believe from now on I will be shopping for dresses with her every year. (Since it is uncool to re-wear the same dress more than once. ) It feels like just yesterday she was a little girl looking at the big girl prom dresses unable to wait to buy one. And now....even though not prom.....she was able to pick out a fancy dress to wear out for the night. Excited for her and the the dances to come.