Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WHITE...not gray, but WHITE....

I just pulled this out of my head. It's white people!! Not only was I surprise to have a gray hair at my age, but looking at it closer I realized it is white!! So white that it is hidden when put on a white sheet of paper but when put in my head of hair (which is dark brown) it is not so much hidden at all.....Actually so not hidden that a friend pointed it out to me and we pulled it together. Friends, what would we do without them? I love them also when they point out that I have a zit appearing on my face! seriously though what would we do without them?

1 comment:

Huskerbabe said...

32 and one white hair? I have absolutely no sympathy for you whatsoever!!
By the time I was 32 my hair was mostly white. UGH!
Seriously, you have some of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen, don't mess with it, okay?