Saturday, February 27, 2010

typical Saturday night...

we usually have a few extra kids on the weekends sometimes even weekdays. but they always seem to find ways to entertain themselves/each other. i believe Brady's dinosaur was eating Brooke's friends cell phone (this would be a good thing. sometimes these preteen cell phones never stop ringing, vibrating, or making some sort of noise) the other friend was bored, and well Brady he was just trying to fit in with big sister and her friends. sometimes he is given invitation to join in and other times he's looking for one but no such luck. big sisters can be cruel. and they even decided to get two of brady's dinosaurs to go head to head in a fight.

I hear the following while making supper in the kitchen....

brooke says: you're an ugly monster. you don't even look like a dinosaur, you look more like a rat.

brooke's friend says: (as her dinosaur is turned away from the other dinosaur) why don't you say it to my face and not my tail!

here is picture of the dinosaurs facing off...and of the kids on a typical saturday night.

i think brady wasn't invited this time or he didn't care to be
and it wouldn't be a "typical saturday night" without homemade pizza for all to enjoy
we also had a few peanut butter oreos in milk...but shhh, don't tell.

a saturday night with the Roberts.

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