Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's awesome.

~game on....

the other day we noticed that somewhere between our two moves the last 3 years we lost our rackets.
not sure where but they are gone. so i mentioned to my husband that we need to buy new sometime.
we always enjoyed walking to the tennis courts to play a little tennis with the kids.
(mainly husband and i play, and kids chase the balls)
So today i woke up to new rackets and tennis balls on my birthday.
guess this means......"game on"

Saturday, April 6, 2013

try outs already. thinking about next year.

it blows my mind that we are trying out for cheerleading for next year already.
and this next year my daughter will be a junior in high school. (insert sad face)
why do kids grow so fast?

anyway, cheer tryouts will be in a few weeks so brooke is busy practice a cheer for the judges.
she was a great cheerleader this year. track is here already and so the cheerleaders for this year are done. next year the girls will be sporting new outfits too. pretty excited to see them.
not excited to buy them. cheering is expensive.

brooke & brady after high school football game.
and since i brought up high school my baby boy will be in HIGH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!
it's so bittersweet. he's might be the biggest in the family but he's the baby.
always will be.