Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do you blame them??

Is it just me or is this Easter bunny a little scary looking?
I really don't blame little babies for screaming or crying when forced
to take a picture with them.
I found this picture the other day of my two when they were young.
Notice scary bunny and happy kids.
My two are weird like that.


 a time to catch up from the busy week. doing things like piles and piles of laundry. does it ever end? i know it's easy to complain but i am truely thankful that my family has clothes to be washing. we are blessed.
also this saturday was graduation for our hershey panthers. so sad to see some of these kids moving on. i've enjoyed watching them cheer and other sports. you really get close to these kids. i took my daughter to graduation and then left her with her friends. it's even worse to think she (my daughter) will be a junior soon. they are not joking when they say ENJOY YOUR KIDS, THEY GROW FAST!
just so you know ahead of time. i'm going to be a complete mess on graduation day in a couple years. plan to wear my shades all day. no one will notice me crying then, right?

brooke is second in from left in pink:)
graduation day for some of her friends.
i really need to post more as we've been busy busy and lots to share of us and the kids. brady is starting baseball season his first year with the seniors kids. yikes. the pitching gets faster and faster. he will be a high school er soon. 9th grade. here is brady and a few of his buddies at the athletic banquet last week.
brady is also second in from the left grey shirt, funny smile.
all his buddies are not pictured here but i must say his class has some extremely good kids.