Monday, February 15, 2010


So cute they were...are even today

Do you ever look back at old photo's and wonder why?? Or maybe thought "what was I thinking??" I have a few moments like these. Let's take the family photo for starters...why the hair style on me?? And why did we all dress in our best...or maybe not! Notice Brooke (my daughter) who looks like a tomboy in the photo because her mom failed to make her dress up because somedays it's just easier to not argue with the fits a two year old throws when she wants to dress like a tomboy but she's really a girly girl. And the next photo when she was dressed like a girly girl, but her face shows she wishes she weren't. (isn't she cute??even with the odd look on her face) The good news is today she puts on dresses and actually likes it. And as for Chuck and Brady, well they are just easy.....easy to please, easy to take instructions, easy hair, easy style, easy expressions, just easy!

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