Monday, February 27, 2012

Have I taken offense??

In Church, the past couple of weeks we've been learning about unity. Our pastor pointed out how in our church family there are people who dislike or don't care to be around certain people. Although sad I find this to be so very true. I myself am assamed to admit, i'm guilty. I realized this is because others have offended me at some point and its easier to just not be around certain people who offend me! I am wondering how many I've offended within my church family. We are at a new church now but it made me think back to my previous church family..... i was and am wrong to hold on to this offense..

we were given several questions to ask yourself, and if you said yes to more than a few of these then you are quilty as well. i'm admitting i said yes to all of them. i'd like to be free from this as i'm sure you would too.

Have I Taken Offense?
  1. Do I get frustrated when I think about any person?
  2. Is there anyone I don't want to interact with currently?
  3. Have I spoken about someone in a negative light recently?
  5. Do I try to get others to be "on my side"?
  6. Do I typically overlook the faults of others?
  7. Am I quick to forgive?
can you guess which on hit me the hardest??
Trying to work on #6 and # 7  to realize others are just like me.
they mess up often, they hurt people (even if not on purpose)
and i needed to be quicker to forgive not only others around me but forgive myself
for not being perfect as well.

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