Wednesday, February 8, 2012

denver trip from my iphone.

from our hotel room
notice on the top the building beside ours there was a hot tub on corner  of roof.
i was wishing for one on our roof top since we were caught in blizzard the whole trip.

we took a whole day and walked the 16th street mall
in a blizzard. it was sweet. very few people out.

16th street mall

did lunch at the hard rock cafe

hotel was neat

from our hotel room
14th floor

brady at the breakfast table

had to stop at beau jo's
this pizza they made was 14lbs
two guys tried to eat it and failed.

we settled for the 2 lb pizzas

brady drafted with denver
of course it helped that he had four arms
we saw lakers vs denver

stopped here.
made it home to pick up baby!!!

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