Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 my firstborn turned 15 this week.
i feel old, tired, cranky, and worn out now.
did i mention to you that i have a few grey hairs 5 to be exact.
a little sad too that she is growing up so fast.
i mean she's going to be a sophomore

 she's a laker fan.
not sure why, how, or when
but she freaks at the sight of this guy!
we took her to nuggets vs laker game in denver,
and she was the only one in our section cheering for the wrong team.
that's my baby girl. always wanting to be the different one.
her day played out like this....

hot tub with some girlfriends.

slushes in the hotel bed.

mask for the faces. also nail painting
lots of laughing as they tried to smile but had stiff faces from the facial mask.

girls this age go crazy for limos.

pictures in the park
sundresses & sandels

happy 15th birthday
Brooke Renée!!!

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