Tuesday, June 5, 2012

this weekend was very enjoyable.
met up with my best friend from childhood.
nic and i have been friends since the second grade.
we did lunches and visited at the hotel all weekend long.
the weekend was filled with sun, laughter, family photos,
great food, craft fairs in the park, old memories, shaved ice
and everything you could ask for.
we went to scottsbluff to get our family photos done by our neice, Ashley.
met up with her beautiful family, was able to see our good friends the dishman's who recently
opened a grocery store there. see here.
at chilis with my family and Nicole's family.
we let all the kids get smores one night at whiskey creek.
they were silent and happy for a long time with this.
brooke hanging out at hotel, waiting for family photos.
whiskey creek dinner with friends.
shaved ice at the park
(thank God, as it was 97 degrees)
this is were we spent a few hours at the craft fair.
neat little ice cream mobile..
my son enjoying his shaved ice in grape flavoring.

my husband, my best friends husband, and their little girl.
it was truely a fun weekend.
we talked ALOT about when we'd be getting together again.

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