Monday, May 21, 2012

~school's out.....

it's summer for the kids. bittersweet!
so i spent most of the weekend preparing for this.
in the kitchen, anyway.
juice boxes(an easy grab), mac n cheese, brownie mixes.
lunch meat, grapes and many other things...
let's see how long it last.
i've already been through the speech with them about
portion control (which is they eat breakfast, one snack, lunch, and dinner)
other wise if I don't then they eat 14 snacks before lunch.
and 62 juice boxes. that's right i have a growing boy who is 13 and almost 6 feet tall,
size 13 shoe size and hates to shop but loves sports and our new church.
so i explain a few juice boxes is plenty and they can have all the water they want!
brooke will be a sophomore!! i can't believe this!
it's just flying by and i realize she will be graduating soon.
she will do cheer camps all summer since she, like i mentioned here,

so this summer we will be hitting the baseball fields. attending church, cheer, volleyball, and basketball camps. and sitting back and enjoying the summer weather.
i will be working mostly. (long sigh)

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