Wednesday, April 4, 2012

last saturday morning....

usually i really enjoy saturdays

...get to sleep in a bit. school to run kids too. work 
(well except house work, but I feel that don't count unless someone is paying me:))
...can relax or even nap

this saturday was a little different starting at about 2:00a.m.
the dog was sick so had to let him in and out at strange hours of the night.
didn't get back to sleep after so was up most the night.

then we ran to town and when we came home i pushed the button to close the garage....
got to about the kitchen when i thought i heard the garage door close LOUDER then normal.
so i open the door to the garage to look and see this.....

was thinking of the verse "rejoice in the Lord always"
(which means even when your garage door falls down)
luckily we had shelves here.....

or hubby's truck would have had damage as well.
as if i couldn't get enough, i decided to head outside for a front view of the situation..
which looked like this....

 turns out the gentleman who put the garage in did not do a good job. he put nails in to hold it up.
eventually from the force of the up and down (about 5 times a day) it pulled the nails loose!

yeah us!!!

we did finally get a new door put in yesterday
you can tell a big difference
this one is put in much better.
minus the windows i loved on the broke down garage,
but i can do without the windows as long as it stays up.

the new.

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