Sunday, October 2, 2011

~play it as it lies~

well it's oct. (can you believe it?) i am loving the cooler weather though!
i've been so busy with the move, the new job, kids, and starting ATHOME business that
i've neglected this blog a little. it happens.
with the cooler weather it should also bring less of these......

which would not hurt my feelings one bit if they crawled in their little hole in the ground and never returned.
however God created these little creatures as well so they are here with us.
sometimes closer then we'd like.
i saw this on fb and had to share it.
our friend tom coviello from here in north platte posted this yesterday.
under the post he wrote:

"play it as it lies"

i think when golfing this rule is good, except for some conditions!
this condition would be #1 on top of my list for not playing the ball where it lies!
are you with me???

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