Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what i've been up to as of lately....

  1. getting my athome america business going. (so if you are interesting in booking a party let me know)
  2. still trying to make our new home feel homie. it's getting there. still need to make decisions on what to do with couple rooms. (like office, spare bedroom)
  3. trying to sprain my ankle....last night (just walking) i turned my ankle. and this morning it's feeling weird.
  4. still trying to get kids adjusted to the new school. they are doing pretty well. brooke better than brady but i've encouraged brady to get some numbers of his friends at school so we can meet them at the rec center gym to shoot hoops. he's my quite child. (well when he's away from home) and he's missing his old friends.
  5. making plans in my head about the holidays...can you believe how close they are?
  6. trying to stay focused on happiness. be more outgoing. read my bible more. spending more time with people and things that matter. with the move i've kind of got out of a schedule. haven't signed up for a bible study yet, nor been to the gym, or even a walk around my new neighborhood.
  7. housework, laundry, laundry, laundry and more laundry. (brooke's had some sort of rash so i've been washing her bedding weekly and clothes, trying new detergents as the doctor says it's a allergy to something??? but what?
  8. waiting for the snow they said we should have already!
  9. being overwhelmed, and feeling sorry for myself.
  10. pinning on pinterest.
  11. drinking coffee like it's my new best friend.
i'm sure that is not all i've been up too, but you get the idea.
let just say i'm still trying to adjust.

i did find a good use for my magazine rack i rec'd for free from hosting my party

it is great in my kitchen for my cookbooks i use the most!
my kitchen walls are still white.
which my hubby likes, but i'm feeling like i want color.
on every wall!!!

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