Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~i've stole a couple of things~

before you start to judge me
(and i know the post title sounds really bad)
i have stole a few "ideas" from pinterest.
how addicting is pinterest???
pretty addicting. my husbands jealous addicting.
recently we had a good friend turn 60 years old and
chuck took him this for his office desk.
yup, i stole the idea from pinterest.
here is a picture of what we did in less than 3 minutes!

i admit mine does not look as nice as the one on pinterest
but as always i was short on time.

also found this idea on pinterest and it was supper easy.
took a little longer than 3 minutes maybe 20 but it was fun and easy.
and i have received so many compliments from people one it.
you just put your address on the pumpkins for your entryway decor.

recently i had a party
and i cleaned out one huge pumpkin
filled it with ice and put my favorited drinks in it.
for a pumpkin cooler.
lots of talk about it too.
here is picture from pinterest where i again stole the idea.

i love it.
 and thank pinterest for making me be more creative
and allowing me to get new ideas.
sometimes my mind is blank.

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