Thursday, October 27, 2011

~my momma and maine....(my home state.)

my mom is buying a new place in maine with a great view.
i love fall.
i think i've mentioned that a time or two.:)
but fall in maine is even more beautiful. endless trees changing color.

and all the different shades of color.
so pretty.
and my mom taking it all in.
breathing in the fresh air and ocean scent.

how beautiful the waters.
God's art work.
my mom had a friend visit this past week.
she's been getting out more and enjoy life more.
this makes me so happy since my mom has had it hard these
past years. real hard. and i've wanted nothing more for her to wonder out.
breathe the fresh air and take life in for just a moment.
without the rush. without the worries.
to just breathe.
and recreate her. her new journey she's on.
she'll do fabulous!
photo credit to anita a.k.a my mom's friend.

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