Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~more....(from the 8th grade trip to washington, dc and kids)

 notice how my princess is the only one laying down. probably because she wasn't listening AGAIN! or maybe it was from lack of exercise she's not use to all the walking they did.or just maybe it was from the heat. on their trip it was in the 90's most days and very humid.
way more humid then she was used too.
 i warned her to drink plenty of fluids.(as in water, not soda)
to which she said her famous line "i know, MOM"(of course always with more attitude then i like)
but hey we are working through these teenage years.
 (one glass of wine at a time, for me at least)
they were not a kidding when they said teenagers are hard to raise, ex specially the princesses!
don't get me wrong brooke is a good kid A GREAT KID. and for the most part respects her teachers and adults but has had trouble in school with staying focused and not chatting to her BFF's
(once i was called in by a teacher who wanted to put brooke on the drug for staying focused to which i said absolutely not!)  she was in first grade. and to tell you the truth if my daughter wasn't showing signs of having TOO MUCH energy at that age then i would be worried.
i'm so glad as her mother, i stuck up for her!
i'm just going to say it, i think we are Over-Prescribing ADHD Drugs!
it's been on my mind a lot and it worries me.
feel free to give you options on it as well, but am i alone in this??

the whole gang!


Huskerbabe said...

I learned recently that is illegal for a teacher to even suggest that a child be medicated for ADD or ADHD. The only thing they can do is recommend that a child see a dr to see if it's a medical condition.

and yes I think we see way too much medicine. Parents are just as bad...don't want to deal with the kid, let's give him somethng to calm him down. We've found that playing outside for awhile is much more effective than meds for alex.

The Roberts said...

ok good! i'm not the only one. Yes totally agree. plus playing outside doesn't have the side effects to their small bodies like the meds do.

i pretty much told the teacher and the principal that if they wanted a first grader to just come in and sit there then they should maybe thing about that teacher teaching a higher grade level. and i agree parents have gotten just as bad.i never remember in my school days a child on medicine for this and now a days half the kids are on it. i'm not sure what went wrong but something is wrong.