Friday, June 24, 2011

~weekend preview~

pretty excited about the weekend.....
this week was long for me. way too LOOONNNGG!
 chuck will be done with his 2 week guard drill tomorrow. i will be leaving tomorrow morning to go retrieve my boy from church camp. he's been gone since monday and i haven't heard from him since then
(yes he's in trouble for not calling home.)
 it will be interesting hearing about all the fun things they did.

we finished all the paper work/inspections/appraisals on the homes
(the one we are selling and the one we are buying)
that is exhausting.
so let the "real packing" begin.
we are to close on our current home august 1st and close on the one we will move to august 2nd.
boy am i looking forward to that day. to be finished and be able to put my feet up and breathe for a minute.
maybe make fresh baked something to smell up our new house with goodness.

Happy Weekend! 

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