Friday, June 10, 2011

~in cherry red~

last week when my mom was here and brooke was headed to DC for the week, my dryer went out.
(who says they last 20 something years, my mom had one that long but seems like they don't last long anymore)
i had tons of laundry and no dryer.
we also were showing the house that week so it made it stressful not to be able to finish laundry that was lying around. good thing we have lots of hampers with lids to hide the mess.
the following week we had to take my mom back and pick up my daughter so we decided to go to home depot. when we finally pick out the dryer we wanted (2hours later) the guy told us it would be in on friday(a week later) chuck and i was like what?? we can't make a trip back to denver to pick it up. ex specially since we've been there the past two weekends in a row. and ex specially since my husband is leaving on Saturday for two weeks. we were angry. what happened to going in and picking what you like and taking it home the same day. well they don't carry inventory. our closest home depot is 2 hours away since we live in the middle of no where, which they said they could have it shipped there. still didn't help us.
the next day before leaving denver i told chuck lets try this other home depot before we leave, just in case.
we walked in and asked the guy if they carried this washer and dryer(because we decided to get both a washer and dryer now) he said they didn't carry it but could order it.
we started to leave and we were almost out the door when the guy said i think we have one set that came in my mistake back there and you can have it if you'd like. we decided to take a look.
he showed us on the showroom floor "it's this one in the cherry red."


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