Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~love this guy!!!! (and my husbands OK with it)

if ever given the chance to attend a marriage seminar by MARK GUNGOR
i'd say do it. DO IT! DO IT!
he helps marriages
(and every marriage needs help. i don't care who you are. at one point or another it will need some attention)
he helps it with humor and with truth about situations that you WILL and can relate too.
it's so funny. lol funny(my daughter says old people shouldn't use LOL). hubby's belly rolling funny. crying together funny. knee slapping funny. your face will be stiff from smiling funny.
the husband and i first saw him with the national guards marriage enrichment class we attended here

huge pat on the back for the national guards and these classes they travel to provide
it's hard to adjust to life with you husband leaving for 15 months than coming home then leaving again for awhile than coming home all over again. you have to suck it up and be strong for the whole family
and lots of days i failed to be strong. and would show my tears.

P.S. if you're not interested in going to a seminar than order the video's by clicking on his name above
we came back and ordered some videos. have watched with other married couples and had a ball.

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