Sunday, June 19, 2011

~happy father's day~

watched this video this morning and thought it was perfect for father's day.

i'm feeling bad because my husband is away this father's day sleeping in a cot under a tent in the wilderness (guess that's part of being a soldier) but we sure do plan to wish he a happy father's day and celebrate when he gets back saturday.

i was reading in my bible study last night

"song of songs implies that Christ will long to see the lovely face of His bride. His beloved. And He will not be disappointed. You will be a beautiful bride." Song of Songs 2:14

"being beautiful to Christ does not make me want to be less attractive for my husband."
"married woman with common frustrations: give your spouse room to be human. Forgive him for not being God. Forgive him for not always saying what you need to hear."

this is from beth moore's breaking free.

it was a good read for me last night. Too often I get frustrated with my husband for sometimes
 "petty reasons"
i need to stop and  remember he's NOT God he's human and he will disappoint.
and i will disappoint him in return.

anyway wanted to share this part of my bible study in hopes it would touch you like it did me.

Happy Father's Day, Men!

and to chuck you are an amazing husband, father, friend!!

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