Monday, June 13, 2011

wouldn’t you know it~

 only a couple days of chuck being gone and a flat tire.
always something happens when he leaves that i need him around to help with.
i guess after talking to him last night i shouldn't feel sorry for myself
he was up late putting tents and cots up in the hail and rain in South Dakota to sleep in.
and already having a hectic day. not to mention he step in a fresh patch of buffalo poop:)
so he's already having a eventful drill.

Happy Monday! ( huge sigh., really monday)

p.s. otis is missing him too.

another cute note:

we were driving home from church and i asked brooke if she wanted to go "practice" driving on the dirt roads
. she says "sure"
 brady says "i'm dead. i might as well jump out of the car now"

so thankful God gave me a son with a sense of humor.

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