Thursday, June 16, 2011

~he has learned.....~

  1. to unpack faster than i pack (he must not be a fan of the move) i put some in the box and he takes some out. trust me he's a hard one to catch too. he makes me look silly chasing him around the house trying to grab the bubble wrap.
  2. that when we go to the bank the nice lady at the window will give him a dog bone with my receipt. so he comes over in my lap when i'm driving to make sure she knows he's in there. smart for 5 months
  3. to set his own alarm for 5:30 am every morning. not sure how he does it but this IS the time he rises in the morning. way to early on a saturday and sunday, but for the rest of the week i have to be up anyway.
  4. to carry his drinking bowl to us when he wants it filled or carrying it when he wants to empty it.
  5. when we get ice water from the frig we usually lose a piece of ice on the kitchen floor so he will come running to grab it. HE LOVES ICE CUBES.
  6. how to chase birds. he hasn't caught one but tries his best.
  7. that when i get my sneakers on we are going on a walk (ex specially when i grab the leash. he goes crazy)
  8. he has learned to get away with a lot just because of his eyes. and of course being too cute.

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