Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'm exhausted. letting her spread her wings, makes me feel this way.

 my first born turned 14 YEARS OLD over the long weekend. it was a busy weekend. which is why i feel exhausted. but another reason is my constant stress this past week of letting my first born fly to DC with 25 classmates. to discover another part of the world. to learn. to be free out there. OUT THERE!! out there is that part that scares me. making brooke realize you can't trust everyone. (which is sad) she was so sick of me saying some of these things. but i feel they are important, when your girl gets thrown in a different part of the world.
  1. don't talk to anyone you don't know (even if they look normal or nice)
  2. don't go to the bathroom or anywhere in pairs, go in groups!
  3. don't set your purse down
  4. be alert
  5. be smart
  6. call home.
"yup got it mom!"

i hope she gets it.
 kendall and brooke at 5:00 am this morning ready to fly and ready for freedom.
 brooke looking at me on the way to security. giving me the "everything-will-be-alright-look, mom"
brooke and kendall waiting to go through security by strangers. her getting wings and spreading them more is exhausting to me.

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