Thursday, May 26, 2011

~the long weekend plans....

tomorrow afternoon we will head to denver for the long weekend. my niece destiny is graduating from high school on saturday, and we are so excited for her. she's such a sweet girl. a girl who grew up way to fast.

on sunday my daughter will be celebrating her 14TH BIRTHDAY! so we are getting a hotel to have a little POOL TIME FUN, SHOPPING, AND RELAXATION TIME. my mom will be here and is flying the skies as i type. it is good timing for my mom to be with us, since monday will be a year since my dad passed away.(a year. can't believe it.) i missed my daughter's13 birthday last year as i was in maine at the time so this year we'll make it extra special for her.

tuesday before we head home i will be dropping brooke off at the airport in denver. she is heading out to DC with her classmates for the rest of the week, to get educated. (i'm a nervous wreck about sending her too) my husband says i need to let them (our kids) go at some point to explore the world, but i'd like to tell him-UH, NO. NO I DON'T. even though i know he's right. i can't protect them from EVERYTHING! (some of my anxiety about how i deal with my kids when they are gone away like this, probably was caused from my last post) or maybe it's because i'm a mom and that's what moms do. worry about their kids. whatever the reason, i will say i am excited for her to have this experience and chance to go. i hope she has a blast!

can't wait to start into this long weekend of fun with family. hope your weekend is the same.

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