Saturday, May 21, 2011

~his pad~

 haven't update you on otis lately, so i thought i'd take the time.
  • he's growing
  • he's getting a little darker on top and on the ears
  • he's still naughty at times
  • he understands the word NO and will stop doing the bad thing only for a minute when he hears it.
  • he's super cute
  • super soft
  • stolen all our hearts
  • loves his momma (a.k.a me) follows me around everywhere.
  • hardly barks, but when he does it's so adorable
  • he's spoiled rotten
  • when he runs, his butt usually gets left behind (because of his length)
  • he likes to carry his water dish around with water in it. (this is probably where he learned the word NO!
  • he loves movie night and popcorn with the family
  • can't jump up on the couch yet but gives it all he has to try.
  • wakes up too early on a saturday morning (he hasn't got the memo that this is the day we like to sleep in)
  • he loves throwing around his tire rope
  • he likes biting toes or fingers
  • stealing laundry from the hamper  out of our hands.
  • loves the kids stuffed animals he finds in their closets. (they just sit back and let him grab them and run out of room with them) i think it's a game the kids and the dog have. they probably say "just let him take it and mom will yell at him for awhile and not us:)
  • he is loved. and so much fun.

to jump or not to jump?
lately his favorite place to hang out is on our ledge??
(maybe he's losing his patience with us, as we do with him sometimes.)
but it's super cute when i cook in the kitchen (<--where else would i cook) he goes to the ledge and sits.

his favorite chew toy that is actually OK to chew.

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