Monday, May 16, 2011

~i've been planting these.....

  1. and attending graduation parties (we were invited to 9 of them this year) one more to attend in denver in a few weeks.
  2. wrapping up kid programs at school. since they only have one more full day....can you believe it? i'm trying to wrap my head around the fact my first born will be in high school.
  3. mowing and watering the lawn. yes it's that time again already.
  4. packing here and there. while we wait for the house to sell. more about the move here.
  5. work has been stressful and causing me to go crazy at times.
  6. getting ready for brooke (my firstborn) to go to DC in a few weeks with her class. which is also causing me to go crazy. (why do mom's worry so much, or is it just me?)
  7. getting ready for my mom to come for a couple of weeks. can you believe it's been a year since i was last in maine. more about my trip here. can you believe it's been a year almost that my dad has been gone from us.
  8. trying to stay caught up on laundry, house work, which is never ending.
  9. training otis. i will say i think he is potty trained but trying to work on the chewing habit.
  10. trying in the mess and madness of my life to be thankful. thankful for my family to cook and clean for. thank you for kid programs that cause us to laugh and take a moment to watch how much our babies are growing. thankful for beauty of flowers/lawn to mow. trying to be thankful for everything!


clairebishop_us said...

Julie, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me sad to think about the Roberts family moving. It's always fun to see your family out and about and so involved with activities. Have a great day.

The Roberts said...

Thanks claire. We enjoy seeing you and your children around town as well. I'm sure we'll be seeing you after the move if you go shop in north platte from time to time:) I've loved reading your girls blogs as well. good way to keep up on how people are doing and learn a lot.