Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~this kid~

high school er!

today is the last day of school here. when the clock strikes 11:30 the final middle school bell will ring for my daughter. middle school is tough for these kids. girls ex specially. so many things going on that you need to protect them from. I HOPE we protect her from. she at least hated us some days, so i think we were on track. for example- the days we wouldn't let her go hang out at the carnival to all hours of the night riding rides. she went with us and left with us. (while her friends where allow to go alone and stay til midnight.) it wasn't fair. live wasn't fair. and we hated her, she thought. (but she's realizing now, it's the complete opposite)

 or when she wanted to go to the movies with a group of girls to watch friday the 13th :) at 9:00(the late show) and then walk home in the dark to get the scary feeling......we again said NO!  We said maybe if you go at 7 and we pick you up inside and you pick a more decent movie. she declined and stayed home (mad)

so today i'm not excited at all that my first born is going to be a FRESHMAN, but i am happy to know we did make in out of middle school still smiling and more grown up then when we started.

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