Thursday, October 21, 2010

The new, the unknown that change brings....

the husband took a new job in north platte (which is 50 miles away from where we are currently living) and i've had a lot on my mind lately. One thing on my mind is the packing and moving again, since we just moved into a new home in May and will be packing up and doing it all over again come the end of the school year.
Not to mention when we moved and got settled in our home now i swore i'd never move again
because man it's a lot of work! then life happened and my husband rec'd a offer we could not resist just a month after in our new home. Good offer, Bad timing.
my hubby has been wanting to start his new business and finally with the help of another
it has been made possible.(the help of another and the fact that God had the biggest hand in it coming to be) he will start monday and be commuting to work until the end of the kids school year. we decided it be best they finish the school year here.
the second thing on my mind is will they have/make just as good as friends as they've made here over the years of growing up. in my heart i know....Yes! Yes, they will. because they are fun, sweet, lovable children, but i still worry about this for them.

brady and his buddies holding their little friend (who is a lot shorter than the rest) in the air.
brooke and her friends having a good time on the bus ride home after a volleyball game.

brooke and ashley making bubbles and being proud of the fact they can do such a thing.

the thing is i know it will work out for them and i know it will be hard saying bye. but i look at it more as us saying "see ya around" because we are moving, yes, but just down the way and we'll be back to visit often!!


Huskerbabe said...

Oh my, I hadn't heard this. This makes me sad...but I'm happy for Chuck. Guess I have some time to get used to the idea, eh?

The Roberts said...

yes. we still have some time to let things sink in :{