Thursday, October 21, 2010

have you started looking....

looking at my calendar i've noticed november is approaching rather quickly.
i've noticed holiday things being set out in the stores
and gift ideas being suggested.
have you started looking??
saw these at the company store and thought cute gift idea.
also rec'd a dELiAs book in the mail today
and started getting cute ideas for my daughter.
they have the cutest clothes

these boots are from there as well. Love, love, love them.

brooke is at that "i love the mall" stage and she has a band
meet about 3 hours away this weekend in which the band
teacher said they would make a stop at the mall for something fun.

so this morning before i leave for work brooke says
"mom u don't have to give me money for the mall"
to which i reply
"i know, you just need money for food right??"

what she really was saying or meaning in teenager language was
i need money for the mall!!!

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