Monday, April 18, 2011

~when words are hard to find~

just last week i heard of a man in town here that was starting to feel ill. they sent him by air from our hospital here to a bigger hospital about 5 hours away for help. turns out his liver was failing him so he was put on a transplant list for the next available liver. he received the liver days later and than die at the young age of 34. the age i happen to be today. 34?? come to find out he has 3 small boys at home all under the age of 6. his wife is carrying their fourth child who is due in just a couple of weeks. a child that will never see her/his father.
this couple is from our small town and even though i don't know them up close, i do know the power of prayer. and this young wife and her babies need lots of prayers at this moment. this tragic moment. so please say a prayer for them today....tomorrow.... and the days ahead....
i can't imagine how hard this is.

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