Sunday, April 24, 2011

~things i smiled about today~

she was checking out her new songs on her ipod.
(since the easter bunny was nice enough to leave her and her brother iTune cards.)

here he was playing with the cooking utensils.
but when it came down to do some serious cooking
he couldn't be found anywhere??
 my friend giving me some caramel syrup for my coffee and hinting to me that it's really good in hot chocolate.
she was right!

sitting by me most the day hanging out
sometimes running off with my blanket or book in his mouth (his nickname is naughty)

here is a little funny about otis this morning:
i come out of my bedroom to find otis with my pajama pants i left on the floor.
i tell chuck, hurry he has my pants
chuck said "what doesn't he have in his mouth ever"
i say " his toys"
chuck laughs because he knows how true that statement is.
it's funny how that works. i spend all this money on neat toys for this guy and he chews everything but those.

speaking of the hubby, even though not pictured he was on my things i smiled about today list too.

 breakfast at haythorns this morning after the sunrise service.
it was good sitting down for breakfast with brothers and sisters in Christ
to have fellowship and laugh with one another.

the cross at haythorns this sunrise service.
the meaning of the cross and what Jesus did on that cross for my sins.
it's a wow moment.
but i smiled today here, because he has risen!

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songofsalvation said...

All things that definitely sound worthy of smiles! Glad it was a great day! And yeah- we definitely are blessed to have a Savior who not only died for us, but rose again!