Thursday, April 28, 2011

~stop & listen~

it only takes me about a few minutes to get to work in the morning, but i can hardly leave my car to clock in when i hear sweet sounds like this on the radio. they are worth being a few minutes late on the time clock.

i heard this song after reading my mom's facebook page this am. she stated today would be her daughter jodi rae's 37th birthday. jodi rae was the sister i never had a change to meet as she was killed by a drunk driver at a year old. i sometimes dream of what it would have been like to have a sister??? would've love it, i'm sure.
so this morning after hearing this song i found hope that my dad who passed away is now in heaven with a daughter he hardly got to know here on earth. along with my sweet grandparents. i'm betting she's getting alot of lovin'. also came to mine people who i've seen struggling through hard times. a sweet lady by the name of val came to mind and her two little ones. or this lady who yesterday had her baby boy the day after her husbands funeral..

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