Friday, April 22, 2011

~office space~

 received flowers from my mom in maine at work on my birthday. she's still in maine and we are still way too far west of her, but we are working on bringing her closer. house for sale and waiting on a buyer.
(so if anyone's looking for a vacation home in maine just yell)

thank you mom for the birthday flowers that lite my desk up this week.
i had lots of  passer-byers who stuck their noses in them.:)
here is my office space. the place i spend most my time live. or at least it feels that way.
but thankful i have a job with the cost of everything on the rise.
you'll find me here monday thru friday from 7 to 4.
but not this friday. good friday.
so excited to be off today.
today i will do the things i've been putting off
laundry, sweeping and mopping the kitchen..... lets just say a lot of house work. house work i've been slacking on.
maybe some reading of my new karen kingsbury book i check out at the library the other day.
hope you all get good friday off as well.
happy friday. happy long weekend
happy easter weekend.
wherever you go or are at, enjoy this time.

p.s. holy week readings from the word:
matthew chapters 21-28
mark chapters 11-16
luke chapters 19-24
john chapters 12-21

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