Saturday, April 2, 2011


today as we say good-bye well see ya later
to a very special young lady
who at the age of 49 lost her battle to cancer
in the last years of melissa's life she went through alot.
and i tell you what this lady NEVER complained.
she was at every one of her sweet son tyler's activities.
you see melissa was a believer and today is with her savior Jesus.
pain free forever.
and us we are here still keeping on and helping those she left behind.
one of those she left behind is a 12 year old son, tyler.
who is my son's buddy. school mate. friend.
and as we say see ya later melissa we also want you to
know we got his back.
 every one of us.
his buddies. his teammates. his schoolmates
 after posting these i realized my son had his hands on "T's" shoulders(touching)
these boys get it.
they get that they need to be there for each other
when life happens. when the unexpected happens.

when they need to have each other's backs.

an amazing service for an amazing women who raised herself a wonderful boy.

melissa was born on the 4th of July so after the service the youth group she lead let off
balloons with messages for her
(i bet she's reading them right now smiling down from heaven)

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