Sunday, April 10, 2011

~remember when skating was the cool thing to do every friday/saturday night??~

 shall i introduce you to a couple of brooke's bff's from left to right. i shall. will, trenton, sophia, brooke, ashley, and walker.

i remember being brooke's age a long time ago (20 years long ago if you're counting) and begging my parents to give me money to meet up with my friends at the skating rink. almost every weekend. even though a lot has changed since then some things remain the same. we still at this age... 13ish (going on 14 real soon) enjoy to roller skate with friends on the weekends. we still beg mom for money to go. and we still can't drive, so we still beg mom to pile as many kids that will fit in one car to take us.

one thing that i noticed they do more now than we did back then is beg mom to take goofy pictures.
i wish i would've had more pictures of my friends and i skating when i was younger. like these.
because it goes by fast, and later in life we all go our separate ways. and we would like to look back and remember just how goofy we are/were

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