Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~13 weeks...

 even though we've only had otis with us for 3 weeks it already feels like longer.
he is 13 weeks old and hard to see in pictures yet, but is growing.
he still finds comfort in taking naps on our couch pillows.
which is ok with me as long as he is sleeping.
it's kind of like a little kid...he's cute when he's sleeping :)
and when he's not sleeping.....

we are usually reminding him what is ok and what is not ok to chew on.

trying to teach him that he should not carry his water dish around the house....(exspecially with water in it)

and when his food dish is empty he likes to play hockey with it across the hard wood floor.
we are thinking he is starting to pick up on the fact that we named him otis and comes when we call his name.
we also believe he is picking up on the word NO!

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