Sunday, March 27, 2011


 meet the newest roberts family member.
it was a hard decision to get this little guy.(if you can believe that with those sad eyes)
we've had bad experiences with pets in the past
but we decided to give it another shot.

it took me going into the pet store the other day with brady
(more here of our haircut/pet store experiences)
then back with brooke the day after to not being able to
get my mind off this small creature.
i kick myself for even entering the pet store. i should have known
i should have been smarter. but those short legs. those long droopy ears.
and those eyes. those sad take me home eyes.
i had to go back.

what i know now from otis
  • he is little camera shy right now
  • he is scared of the coffee maker(but shall get use to it in the mornings)
  • he is scared of my hairdryer
  • he hops when he runs
  • he already loves the kids
  • he is a big baby  a big small baby
  • he is adorable
  • he is short
  • soft
  • handsome
  • he loves chucks socks and takes off with them often
  • he likes the corners of my books that i leave lying around
  • he follows us everywhere

he is adjusting to life as a member of the roberts family.

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