Friday, March 18, 2011

~walking towards a positive attitude~

this week we've had some really lovely weather...i mean 70 degrees is just right. not too hot or not too cold.
all  (mostly all) week i've been walking back to work from my lunch break and then walking home in the evening..(except on the really windy days)
but i've really notice my attitude has improved this week(which is a blessing due to my lack of estrogen these days) and i give all the credit to the walks
i forgot how much walking can bring peace to your soul
and uplift your spirits

seldom does someone walk and think about all their problems or things to get done. 
walking has a way of clearing your head
i forgot how good that feels.
lately i've been slacking on the walking thing
i'm thinking lack of time is my excuse, cold weather, or maybe here when I was bitten by a dog on one of my morning walks
but whatever the excuse it feels good to be back
back to sunny days and lots of long walks

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